Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wishing on a Wishbone

Hi Portables!

I just can’t seem to get it out of my head. I’m seriously trying to expel this thought but it seems to stick to a small part of my memory.  If you are wondering what it is, I won’t keep you from knowing.
I came back home after more than a month in the hospital and a lot of people kept quizzing me about how fat I’ve become! I have always nursed an ambition to put on a lil’ weight so I could look bigger. The songwriter was right after all when he said:
“Be careful what you wish for, cos you might just get it all”

My ambition was based on the fact that I’m petite, not just an ordinary petite girl but one that looks 10years younger than her age! It’s very easy to confuse me to be a high school student, I mean, I look that young. The other day, I was in a bus and I asked a woman sitting close to me a question about a particular university, and she asked me if I just got admission to study there. You can imagine. I get this kind of quizzical look whenever I tell people my age or my educational qualification and a lot of them will be like: “small girl like you don finish school?” That’s what I face every waking day of my life. But what’s a girl to do?
So I kept trying for years to gain a few pounds of weight to no avail, so I gave up and sort of got used to people looking at me and assuming me to be “this small girl in senior secondary school”.

Now that I have my wish, I’m dissatisfied and worried. I guess I could call it Life. Recently, I had an ironic experience:
I attended a special program at church with my family and I got to catch up with a lot of my friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I also got to see some of my little friends whom I use to knock on the head and send them on errands. It turned out that these “my little friends” are all big and grown up with some even taller and looking older than me! I just couldn’t stop shouting and telling my friends: “I don dey old oh!”

Let me leave you with this advice: Be comfortable in your skin, no matter how you are or how you look, find yourself and get comfortable!

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