Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lost in Ak City

Before you get lost with me as I am, let me state that you shouldn’t take this title literally! I am always amazed – ish (however you want to interpret that) whenever I go to Akure market to purchase items.

I moved to this city; south-west of Nigeria about two years ago because of service and all. To be honest, it wasn’t easy at first, I missed home a lot and all the friends I left behind, but as time ran by, I adapted pretty fine.

The market women here have this attitude whenever you want to purchase something from them. Before they sell to you, they’ll behave like they are doing you a favor by selling to you, while you’re feeling so bad with yourself for going to the market instead of getting your things at the supermarkets or mall(that is, if they have one). When you ask for jara (extra), you will be sure to get the get- out-of-my-face-esque look.

Ok, here goes the market situation (I’ll call the market woman, Iya Ewe):

Me: Iya, how much is a Congo of Garri?

Iya Ewe: N100. How many you want?

Me: Give me five Congo

She measures five congos of garri without adding any jara (extra).

Me: Arh Arh Iya, you no put jara? The get-out-of-my-face-look comes on. If you love yourself, you’ll just leave before she rains fire and brimstone on you (lol…. Just kidding).

But seriously, I think it’s nice to treat customers with courtesy (just saying).

But guess what!? I hope to move from Akure to another city in Nigeria in a few days and I’m looking forward to it. Please God help me!

So long Portable peeps!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Yeeeheee! Welcome on board ma blogship

Whew! I’m so full of butterflies in my stomach because this is officially my first blog ever! As far as posting online is concerned. Well, I’ve written quite a little in my diary/journal but the thing is, I’m guilty of following up daily. Not a serious offence I guess?

But I must say……………. I tire to write this………..na by force? *winks & smh*J. Shei na me give myself work? I go do am na……………. Oh, I almost got carried away there with my pidgin. For those who don’t understand a word I wrote, I’m just saying that writing a blog is not a day’s job, e no easy (Oops, sorry!L) u might as well get used to it cos you will see some pidgin in my blogs but I will try to be very much considerate.

Enough of all the talk. Hope you find this interesting & refreshing as you journey with me on this adventure.