Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Yeeeheee! Welcome on board ma blogship

Whew! I’m so full of butterflies in my stomach because this is officially my first blog ever! As far as posting online is concerned. Well, I’ve written quite a little in my diary/journal but the thing is, I’m guilty of following up daily. Not a serious offence I guess?

But I must say……………. I tire to write this………..na by force? *winks & smh*J. Shei na me give myself work? I go do am na……………. Oh, I almost got carried away there with my pidgin. For those who don’t understand a word I wrote, I’m just saying that writing a blog is not a day’s job, e no easy (Oops, sorry!L) u might as well get used to it cos you will see some pidgin in my blogs but I will try to be very much considerate.

Enough of all the talk. Hope you find this interesting & refreshing as you journey with me on this adventure.


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