Thursday, 21 June 2012

Whoa! Katie Cassidy Chops Off Hair, Gets Piercings for Gritty Makeover

From glam to grunge!
Katie Cassidy switched up her girly style for a rough new role in the upcoming thriller, The Scribbler.

Remember her from Melrose place? She played the character of Ella in the 2009 TV drama, a reboot of the 90's drama of the same name.The 25-year-old Gossip Girl actress sported a short blonde pixie cut, dark eyeliner, piercings and combat boots to play the role of Suki in the film.

Whoa! Katie Cassidy Chops Off Hair, Gets Piercings 
for Gritty Makeover

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cassidy's character is a young woman coping with a multiple-personality disorder who undergoes an experimental procedure using a machine called, "The Siamese Burn." The Scribbler also stars Garrett Dillahunt and Billy Campbell.

At the same time Cassidy was working on The Scribbler, she was also taking on the role of Laurel in the upcoming CW drama, Arrow.
"From Suki in Scribbler to Laurel in Arrow -- I feel crazy," she tweeted in May with photos of the two very different character looks. For the character of Laurel, Cassidy gets to look more like herself with long brunette hair.

Credit: Usmagazine

Actress Meagan Good Marries DeVon Franklin

Jumping the Broom actress Meagan Good is officially a married woman!
The 30-year-old beauty, who appears on Showtime's Californication, walked down the aisle Saturday, June 16th with DeVon Franklin in Malibu, Calif., her rep confirms to Us Weekly.

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good arrive for the 35th 
Anniversary Celebration for Bishop Thomas Dexter 'T.D.' Jakes, Sr. on 
June 8, 2012 in Dallas, Texas.
Franklin and Good

Franklin, 33, an executive at Sony Pictures Entertainment who moonlights as a 7th Day Adventist preacher, proposed to his love last March in Los Angeles.

Two months after getting engaged, Good opened up to Complex magazine about the qualities she looks for in her perfect mate.
"It would take someone who is spiritual and loves God. Someone who respects my mind and what I have to offer besides my physical appearance," she told the magazine. "Someone who actually loves other people and is connected to my destiny. This person has to be walking down the same path as I and want the same thing out of life."
Good and Franklin first met six years ago when discussing a film project. They went on their first date after working together on 2011's Jumping the Broom.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Boyfriend is cheating on me!

A situation happened between two best friends I thought I should share. For the sake of this post I’ll call friend A, Rihanna and friend B, Beyonce. Okay now, here goes:

Rihanna and Beyonce have been best friends for a long time. They have been there for each other through thick and thin. There was a time when Beyonce was critically sick. Rihanna practically became her mother in order to take good care of her. She would bathe, cook and feed her everyday till she got better. Till her dying day, Beyonce will never forget that act of kindness. 
Rihanna has a boyfriend with whom she is deeply in love with. Beyonce had not met him yet but she heard so many things about him from Rihanna. Beyonce and Chris later became friends via social network, talking about facebook, etc (well, you know them all). Na hia wey story start.
Beyonce and Chris got chatting to the point that they chatted dirty one day, well, in their minds it was “clean dirty talk” or at least, in Beyonce’s mind (U grab?). Somehow, somehow, Rihanna got to know about it and Gan-Gan! A quarrel, No! Actually, some quarrels ensured. Rihanna wasn’t comfortable about this and spoke to Chris but he thought it was no big deal. This put a strain on the relationship between the three of them.
Guys, what do y’all think? Was Rihanna overreacting? Was Beyonce deliberately trying to hurt Rihanna? Did Chris really mean the things he said to Beyonce?
For the sake of their relationship, I hope there will be an intervention (probably a divine one) in the matter soonest cos they were all happy and close before the misunderstanding. I’m a sucker for peace, hence the post.

World peace!
Peace out

Quick Recovery Opposition! See you in 2015!

So it’s no longer news that Gov. Gabriel Torwua Suswam of Benue State won at the election appeal tribunal at the Supreme Court Abuja. The very moment it happened, radio stations all over Benue state were agog with the news of his victory.
This has being a long drawn battle between the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and All Nigeria’s People’s Party (ANPP) since the announcement of the results of the Governorship election in 2011. Clearly, this did not go down well with them. Let me take a minute here and bring you up to speed.
Prof. Steve Torkuma Ugbah of ACN and Prof. Daniel Saror of ANPP both dragged Gov. Suswam of PDP to court over the allegation that the election was not free and fair and that it should have been in their favour. The case went from one lower court to the next higher court, probably delayed as it went. By the time it got to the Supreme Court for hearing, the 180days time frame (according to the 2011 amended constitution of Nigeria) was over and the court had no choice but to rule in favor of the PDP.
Gov. Gabriel Suswam

Prof. Steve Ugbah
So a lot of people began to ask, was the justice system actually fair. A lot of controversies surrounded the Apex court 8th of June ruling in Abuja, but hey, the PDP got their deserved victory right?
I can’t help but notice how very confident the PDP were before the ruling. Radio jingles, billboards and banners across the state had inscriptions to show their confidence in their preempted victory.  
Anyway, there was a lavish celebration for the PDP back home in Benue state, as politicians gathered in their numbers at the Ibrahim Babangida Square (IBB Square) to celebrate from 10:00am to 4:00pm.
This is wishing you, Rt. Hon. Dr. Gov. Gabriel Torwua Suswam a victorious celebration! Benue sons and daughters are counting on you Sir, to deliver your promise to move the state forward.