Saturday, 22 December 2012

22nd December: My day

It's my birthday yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

I'm so grateful that I'm alive to witness this day. As a 20something year old, I thought I'd be living in my own apartment, with a budding career and a cute and gorgeous guy to call my own (sighs at my teenage dream). If wishes were horses.... No no, I aint complaining, infact I'm grateful reality happened and gave me this hard knock on the head. Now I'm wide awake (talk about Katy Perry).

I know there's still a lot to achieve so no lele. By the way, I heard 30 is like the new 20 (heard it from moi). Age is nothing (something) but a number.

Right now, I have to go do a midnight countdown to my birthday (just a ritual I started this night).

Much love, much kisses, much hugs!

Wishes to my Santa

                                      ............ Be carefull what you wish for
                                     Cos you might just get all, you just might get it all.....

Those are lines from one of my favourite songs from Chris Daughtry. I don't want to talk about music today, though I would love to but not today.

I meant to put up this post earlier but I had difficulties with my internet connection, so here I am. In my previous post, I know I wrote something on being careful about your wishes but right now, I want all my wishes to come true!

So below are a few of my holiday wishes(both birthday and ofcourse, the holidays). Dear God. If you're reading this, I pray they all come to pass! AMEN!!! Leggo!

8. Beats by Dre headset
Ther's nothing like a cool headset from the master producer himself to keep you hooked and in tune to your music.

7. A glass guitar
Saw  this piece  with Jeremiah Gyang recently at the RCCG Holy Ghost Congress and I was captivated with the beauty.

6. A duet on stage with Brandy Norwood or Ty Bello at Madason square garden or the O2 Arena (one night only).

5. A date with Bruno Mars
Just one date Bruno, one date. You don't have to have a convo with me, just sit with me while I eat or something. For the purpose of this date, you're even allowed to be on the phone (wink)

4. A job as a host on E!(For just an hour)
It's no hidden secret that I'm a fan of E! at home. Whenever I sit to watch TV, every other person in the house can forget about watching their fav programs cos I'd be on E! like a vulture. So working there would be like a great achievement for me (plus I'd get to meet Guiliana Rancic, Jason Kennedy and Ryan Secreast!)

3. The Samsung Galaxy SIII phone
I was watcing the commercial for this phone and they said that this is a phone that sleeps when you sleep and wakes when you're awake (how cool is that?!!) Combined with the stylishness that samsung is known for, I knew I just had to have this phone.

2. A DSLR Canon Camera
I love photography and I think it's great that you can create great memories and keep them alive through the use of a lens. Isn't that awesome? So having this camera would give me the opportunity to show off some of my skills. I could be like the next TY Bello or the next Obi Somto of Nigeria, lol.

The moment you all have been waiting for has arrived! Drum role please for my numero uno....
1. A miracle!

The Concise English dictionary explains a miracle as "an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws, attributed to a divine agency". I looove this defi.... it's definately what I want.

That's it folks! I know what you're probably thinking: this girl can dream eh! Let me tell you, a girl has to dream o! Please do yourself a favour and dream big, who knows what might happen. After all, they say with God nothing shall be impossible!

Friday, 30 November 2012


The outspoken talk show host, 48 joined other stars that have graced PETA’s “Go Naked” campaign  including Eva Mendes, Taraji P. Henson and others.

She said in a statement;

“We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let the animals keep theirs”

Looking HOT I must say.


The Singer, 28 wore a tight, floor-length, semi-sheer navy Naeem Khan dress with a matching cape, Guiseppi Zanotti heels, and a Judith Leiber clutch to the UNICEF SnowFlake ball on November 27th, in NYC.

 She got chatty with a reporter at the event and said that she feels fat without spanx. Even though she looked stunning in her dress, she admitted that she didn't feel as good as others thought she looked because she wasn't with her spanx!

How dare You Wake Me with a Bad Day?

So here I lie in my bed, enjoying the peacefulness of my sleep and exploring the fantasies of my dreams. It’s just about dawn and the cocks are preparing to crow away the quietness and calmness of the morning. My skin can feel the gentle sweep of the early breeze, feeling its touch closely, yet far away. I still felt the touch until a sudden shove on my shoulder brought me back to reality.

“Doo, Doo, you’ve got to wake up.”

“Oh mum, Good morning. You are up so early.”

“I know, but I have to speak with you before I leave on my journey this morning.”

“Awww, Ok.”

She began to tell me things. Things about how nonchalant and lazy I have been, about how selfish I am with not helping out in the house and leaving everything to my younger ones. Telling me that I have to do more to help out, be a hardworking girl like a true African; cook meals three times a day and wash the dishes thereafter.

Oh Lord have mercy on my dear soul; Oh how I’ve heard this sermon a thousand and one times. How much worse can this day be?

I just lay there; pretending not to hear what she was saying and pretending to be enjoying my sleep. If only I could scream out and tell her to spare me the lecture, but I held my peace and allowed her to rant on while I listened distantly. It was the only thing I could do to keep myself from screaming out and waking up the neighbors.

When she was done, expecting to hear a reply from me but hearing none, she left my room. That left me with a little more time to catch up from where my sleep was interrupted. I’m trying to get my sleeping mode activated but I can’t because my phone is ringing. Groaning, I pick up the phone to discover that it’s my father; so I put up a smile and answer the call.

“Hello dad. Good morning”

“How are you my dear?”

“Very well sir”

“Is your mother awake? Wake her up if she isn’t. I’ve been trying to call her but she is not picking up her calls”

“She’s awake, she just left my room. I guess she left her phone in her room.”

“She has forgotten that my birthday is today. Would you tell her to call me so I could have wonderful birthday?”

“Sure dad, happy birthday dad!”

“Ok, go back to sleep. Bye”

“Bye sir.”

Fast forward now to two hours later, I’m still in my bad mood. Things are going just great; actually, things are not going great at all. I’ve tried to shake off this feeling but I can’t. Even after praying and doing other things, this mood still lurks in my heart.

My mum is now a few miles far on her journey and I’m still suffering from the words she said. I know I shouldn’t have let her get to me but I did and how I blame myself for it. She has no idea what is going on with me. I wish I didn’t have to start my day like this.

Thankfully, it’s 5:00pm and my best friend and I have a bridal shower to attend, so my mood is a little lifted. Hopefully, at the end of it, I’ll feel better. 

Oh BTW, I came across this blog,, and I think the guy has some funny post. Let me warn you, this guy needs JESUS (lol!). See for yourself here

Photo Credits: Rebecca Langston on Flicker


Has anyone ever eaten a terrible food combination that got them rushing to the toilet seat? I had an experience like that recently and trust me, it wasn’t funny.

I had just finished eating fried chicken when my mum came home that evening with chin-chin (which is a favorite of mine). I didn’t even think twice before moving over to start on the chin-chin. I ate as much as I could and drank water to flush it down.

It didn’t take me 20mins after eating this combo for my stomach and anus to start rotating and turning in a weird way. The only way I could relieve myself was to vamoose to the toilet. That was just the beginning of my several trips to the toilet that evening. Oh lordy!

I don’t need a dietician to tell me, now I know firsthand. I won’t try that food combo again! Never ever



Christmas is in the air (Yaaaaaaaaay!). I’m so hopeless when it comes to Christmas; I mean, I’m so in love with Christmas and the season it comes with.

Any first smell of Christmas that hits my nose makes me sick in the stomach- but in a good way though. I usually get these butterflies in my stomach and I just get excited and high. I’m feeling those butterflies right now as I’m writing this post. I’m hopeless right? I know.

Maybe my love for Christmas is because I was born during the season. Sometimes I just can’t explain why I get so excited about Christmas, so I concluded that it’s because of my birthday (which by the way, is in a couple of weeks). I’m actually looking forward to my birthday. I’m kinda hoping I’ll get a surprise; well I hope I’ll be surprised.

O my! I’m so hopeless!