Monday, 10 June 2013

Don't Kill My Shine

Hey Beautiful people of my Portable World!

It’s been ages, I know. I wish I could have been around more but…..(sighs), life happens. It hasn't been easy for me to leave you guys hanging. I had to take a break to get over some challenges I was facing in certain areas of my life, especially mentally, but I'm good. I had great help during this period and it was from no other but God Himself! Yep, the Almighty! So glad I had him. I urge you all to try him sometimes.

I'll leave the Story of my life for later, but right now, I want to do something a little fun, which I call “Don't kill my shine”. So feed your eyes with these pics below and let me know who wore this Herve Leger dress better. Katy wore hers for the kid Choice Awards in March 2013, while Bey posted a photo of herself in the ensemble on her tumblr account just nine days before Katy also rocked the look.

Katy Perry in Herve Leger 2013

Beyonce Knowles

Have a lovely week, my sweet darlings!