Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I’m loving, loving your way.

I’m not trying to sing like Sheyi Shay did, though I did hum a little. There are a lot of things I like; like a lot of the beautiful and fancy clothes beautiful people wear that makes them want to look like celebrities. But not all celebrities impress with their expensive attires. So today I felt like giving the spotlight to a young celeb who, to me gets it right more often than not. She impresses me whenever I see a photo of her and I’ve come to admire her style. She knows how to tease us every now and then with her style. I’m not even going to try to put a name to her style cos that would be limiting, so without much ado, my style star is…….. Drum roll please…….

Selena Gomez! Yahhhhhhh!

Selena Gomez in an Ateliar Versace gown

selena-gomez at the radio disney music awards

I Die Again

It’s been awhile somebody’s been up in here! I hope y’all Portable darlings’ ain’t talking to me? Lol….
I give up. I have no explanation what so ever for this but let me show my remorse by sharing with you all (my beautiful people) a little poem a friend of mine (Fola Baba – Onoja) posted on Facebook. It is so lovely I had to share; couldn’t keep it to myself. Find it below and enjoy!

I die again…….

I fear to write not for lack of words
Cos if you know me well that isn’t a problem
But I refuse to scribble some words
For fear that it may be entwined with lies
Often times I write but rarely are they truths
Sometimes I write on love but hate
At other times I write on divine health
While I struggle with sickness
Or is it the times I write about Christ
When I’m so far away from him
But today though I fear I still write
I write it as it is
I write that you may know
Lies have being my daily bread
And I drink with haters
In gossip do I wallow
I am lost in lust and not in God
I live like the Pharisees
Wearing clean robes with scriptures on it
I have the form but not the power
I know the letters but not the script
I sing the songs cos I have to fit
I talk the words but it’s no sword to me
And I wonder what makes me different
When in truths I’m having lots of struggle
Why all the pretense I often ask
So I have come out straight
Cos like Paul I do what I don’t want to do
But then unlike him I don’t die daily
No wonder I am not more than conqueror
I rely on my first death
I think; I died once so it’s enough
But I’m glad it has come clear at last
I must die again and again
I have to give myself away always
And so I get it right this time
And like Paul

I die again……