Tuesday, 5 August 2014

I Die Again

It’s been awhile somebody’s been up in here! I hope y’all Portable darlings’ ain’t talking to me? Lol….
I give up. I have no explanation what so ever for this but let me show my remorse by sharing with you all (my beautiful people) a little poem a friend of mine (Fola Baba – Onoja) posted on Facebook. It is so lovely I had to share; couldn’t keep it to myself. Find it below and enjoy!

I die again…….

I fear to write not for lack of words
Cos if you know me well that isn’t a problem
But I refuse to scribble some words
For fear that it may be entwined with lies
Often times I write but rarely are they truths
Sometimes I write on love but hate
At other times I write on divine health
While I struggle with sickness
Or is it the times I write about Christ
When I’m so far away from him
But today though I fear I still write
I write it as it is
I write that you may know
Lies have being my daily bread
And I drink with haters
In gossip do I wallow
I am lost in lust and not in God
I live like the Pharisees
Wearing clean robes with scriptures on it
I have the form but not the power
I know the letters but not the script
I sing the songs cos I have to fit
I talk the words but it’s no sword to me
And I wonder what makes me different
When in truths I’m having lots of struggle
Why all the pretense I often ask
So I have come out straight
Cos like Paul I do what I don’t want to do
But then unlike him I don’t die daily
No wonder I am not more than conqueror
I rely on my first death
I think; I died once so it’s enough
But I’m glad it has come clear at last
I must die again and again
I have to give myself away always
And so I get it right this time
And like Paul

I die again……

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