Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dealing With “Urrrrrrg Moments.

When it comes to what I want in a man, I can be very critical. He has to be tall, fair (not dark, cos I know alot of sisters want TDH but not me. I want TFH) and handsome. He also has to have a nice smile, gap or half teeth, good sense of humor and sociable. Okay let me pause right here before you'll think I'm describing Yul Edochie (well there's no denying I had a crush on him)

Though over the years, I have tried to tone this trait down. But I can’t help thinking, ‘can I deal with a man that is so, so unorganized and scattered?’ It just brings out the “Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg” in me. Can’t take it! Lol.

Certain situations in my life right now have made me to wonder if God is preparing me to deal with an unorganized man/situation. One of them is my little cousin. She can be adorkable but when it comes to organization and stuff like that, the “Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrg” moment kicks in.  Before I met, I never knew someone could exhibit such before; now I know first-hand. I have tried and tried and tried to reach out but all my efforts have landed in the gutter. Sometimes, I choose to ignore her habits all together so that I wouldn’t be bothered by whatever she does.

Let me tell you a story so you can have a better view of the situation.
There was a day she decided to eat her food in her room, so she took it there. Days later, I was sweeping the house, and I went to her room to sweep it (sweeping her room can be a tug of war for the both of us). Guess what I found smiling at me from underneath her bed? None other than the plate and cup she used to eat the other day (no kidding).

Salome (that’s her name) would not do anything out of her own initiative if she isn’t told, well except of course to eat and take a pee. She can leave broken glass scattered on the floor for someone else to see or probably step on it, and as long as you don’t tell her to gather and park it, don’t count on her to do it. The kitchen can be on fire with her in the know, meanwhile, she’s in the living room watching TV without doing anything or informing someone about it, cos it hasn’t been mentioned to her to put out the fire. Lol! Okay, I was exaggerating there.

She drives me nuts sometimes to the extent of laughter; I mean, what other option do I have cos it is amusing to see someone in such element. Sometimes she does some things that are mind boggling and it leaves you wondering if she must have been high on H2O or something (btw, she loves to drink water like a fish). She’s still my “little Cuz” any day, anytime, and I love her! Some mothers really do have them.

So here’s the question of the day: Can you live with someone who is unorganized and nonchalant? And how have you been able to cope with that person? 

As for me, I know how I’ll deal with the situation – pull a Kim Kardashian –and- Kris Humpries – 72 – day- marriage on the situation.

 Lol, just kidding! Just so you know, I am anti-divorce and I wouldn’t wish it for even my enemy. But you can sound off in the comments.

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