Thursday, 3 April 2014

No NO!

Happy New Month Darlings!
I probably should be saying “Happy New Year” since it’s my first in the year and for, well, over 3months but I will shy away from saying it cause that will make me a late ******* (Lol). Come to think of it, we all know what this month represents, especially the first day, but I hope none you my darlings were fooled?

So I just wanted to share a few things from a book I’ve been reading recently. I believe we all need a little encouragement every now and then, especially as women so I’m hoping this post will be inspirational to someone. Do have a wonderful year and always remember to be creative with your year, yes, your YEAR!
Read on for excerpts from the book:-

Henry Ward Beecher was a young boy in school when he learned a lesson in self- confidence which he never forgot. He was called upon to recite in front of the class. He had hardly begun when the teacher interrupted with an emphatic, “No!” He started over and again the teacher thundered, “NO!’ Humiliated, Henry sat down
The next boy rose to recite and had just begun when the teacher shouted, “No! This student, however, kept on with the recitation until he completed it. As he sat down, the teacher responded, “Very good!”

Henry was irritated. “I just recited as he did, “he complained to the teacher. But the instructor replied, “It is not enough to know your lesson, you must be sure. When you allowed me to stop you, it meant that you were uncertain. If the entire world says “No!’ it is your business to say, ‘Yes!’ and prove it.”

The world says, “No!” in a thousand ways:
“No! You can’t do that.”
“No! You are wrong.”
“No! You are too old.”
No! You are too young.”
No! You are too weak.”
No! It will never work.”
No! You don’t have an education.”
“No! You don’t have a background.”
“No! You don’t have the money.”
No! It can’t be done.”

And each “No!” you hear has the potential to erode your confidence bit by bit until you quit altogether. You just need to be bold enough to say “Yes!” when the world says, “No!”

The world might even say, “No! You can’t do that, you’re a woman.”  The war between women and Satan got its start in the Garden of Eden and has not stopped. Satan hates women because it was a woman who gave birth to Jesus and it is Jesus who has defeated Satan. However don’t think that just because the devil is against you that success is out of your reach. The devil may be against you, but God is for you and with Him on your side you absolutely can’t lose. You just need to be bold enough to say “Yes!” when the world says, “No!”