Friday, 13 September 2013


The Ambassador of Nigeria to Nicaragua is in town! Oh, forget it, that’s just me trying to tell a lie. But I think we should have an ambassador to Nicaragua(if we don’t already have one) or some other exotic country/island, don’t y’all think so? Don’t you ever wonder how ambassadors carry out their duties? Do you feel like they don’t represent your country enough in other nations? Quite some questions on diplomacy right? People even study diplomatic relations in the university, which is awesome.

Diplomacy is good but it can ruin things sometimes. Someone described diplomacy as the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they’ll look forward to the trip. Hmmmm………… I don’t know about that one o! Lol.

I pride myself in my diplomatic skills, like no one can do it better than me. It’s bad that these skills have dealt me terrible slaps to the face a few times but all the same it’s good. Sometimes, all you want to do is salvage a situation but you end up hurting the people you’re trying to protect, the ones you love the most. Oh boy! I don see sheigae. Ok, I digress a little

I wanted to do a business transaction with my friend for my mum (two people I love). My mum was not understanding the terms of the business anymore and even when I tried to explain to her how it is, she didn’t get any of it cos new things came up prior to what was discussed. My friend too did not understand because my mum didn’t understand. It’s confusing right? Well just ask the Holy Spirit to explain to you, maybe you’ll understand better (lol).

Since time wasn’t on our side, we had to call off the deal so we don’t end up with bad blood (talk about mixing business with pleasure).

Diplomacy is not for the faintest of hearts.


  1. Well I agree with you on this, I'm a bad negotiator. That's probably why I surf the net with a gun