Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Security and Superheroes

FAMILY, what would we ever do without them. They make us laugh, cry, love and live. With them we always feel secure.

Talking of security, I have been watching a lot of movies on national security (Hollywood movies I must add) and they are quite interesting. Please don’t ask me the title of the movies cos……..

Anyway, I did enjoy the thrill, the suspense and the adrenaline rush I got from watching them. As the greatest nation on earth, I can understand why Hollywood puts out films revolving around themes that touch on national security. With all the intelligence they showcase and information they give out in these films, I begin to wonder if it isn’t too much. I hope someone doesn't use all that info against them.

 In other matters, “Thor” is like my best superhero. He is so strong, cocky and sexy. To me, none of the other superheroes match up to him.

 Who even wants to try? Is it superman, or Hulk, or, Batman, or Spider man, or who self? While you are still thinking and debating, let me state that my best human hero is James bond. Don’t let me start on all of his qualities. There have been raves about his recent movie- “Sky-fall”. I am yet to watch it and boy; I’m I so looking forward to watching it. I sort of have this weird feeling that this recent installment in the series might be the last of the James Bond story. Funny isn’t it? Well maybe not the end of the James Bond installment but maybe the end for Daniel Craig as 007.

 Now this is even getting weirder than I thought (I hear you say). Please, Dear Daniel Craig, I have NOTHING against you, but this is just a feeling I got, or maybe I have watched too many national security films.

Let me hush here before things get weirdest (hope I got that right- ‘weirdest’, I mean).

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