Thursday, 1 November 2012

Look Who's back!!!

Hey dolls,
I hope you are all are doing great!
Before I went MIA, I thought I’d leave you all with an entertaining post, hence my previous one. Now before you hiss after reading it (cos I’m sure some people did hiss), I want you to think for a second or two; isn’t it more newsworthy than a Kardashian story? (At least I know a lot of people who would agree with me on this one). Don’t get me wrong, the Kardashian’s create wonderful news (others may prefer to call it cheap news), thereby giving the press and gossipmongers like myself, a field day. If a Kardashian can stroll in L.A and it makes the news, then other celebrities should also be given the media attention for little things as well. What do you think? LOL

Model: Ene Anyebe

Meanwhile, I’ll keep you, my darling sweethearts, updated on my MIA activities so keep checking and reading my posts for that.
Love y’all….. Mwaaah!

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