Thursday, 25 September 2014

ThrowBackThursday: Twilight

“I’d never given much thought to how I would die. But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go”

If you guessed from where this statement was made correctly, then you are a true Twilight fan.
Go Twihards!

I feel in love with Twilight the moment I knew Robert Pattinson was starring in the movie, and the love grew when I finally got to watch the film. Too bad my dear brother doesn't understand the feeling as he is not a fan of vampire movies. I can’t even imagine that someone (I’m looking at you brother) wouldn’t want to watch a drama series like Vampire Diaries! It’s ironic cos that use to be me. I wasn’t into vampire movies until I came across Twilight and Vampire Diaries, and got hooked. I remember one night some years ago, when I had nightmares and couldn’t get any sleep because I watched a late night vampire film that was creepy as hell. When the time came for me to sleep, I couldn’t cos I began to feel like I was some kind of new-born vampire (talk about vampires and them not sleeping). Lol.

Did I mention my love for Robert Pattinson? (Go Team Edward!). I just asked that to inform you, lol. The first film I watched him in was “Remember Me”. I loved his personality in the film cos it was one I could relate to. So I wasn’t disappointed when I watched his performance in The Twilight Saga and saw him still bring on some of that personality into Twilight. Of course, I can’t overlook a great story with great directing and overall, a fantastic movie. I mean, it’s hard to do bad when you have a fantastic script and team, right? Stephenie Meyer is bad! She’s a witch! An imaginatively creative genius.

I will not forget the feelings I felt after watching The Twilight Saga. It was like I was in love for the first time. I kid not. I felt love, pain, happiness and sadness. I was almost getting depressed in a strange way (cos it felt like I was heartbroken). I just had all these mixed feelings cos the movie was that good. Thank God for helping me overcome those feelings when I prayed. The last time I could remember having such feelings was when I watched One Tree Hill and The O.C.

Let me just go ahead and share a few of my fav memories and visuals from Twilight.

1.      Edward Cullen (Team Edward)

2.      His walking step

3.      His smile – it’s like he’s smiling and crying at the same time.

4.      His love for Bella Swan – Just give me a man with his personality and put in the God – factor and take away the vampire aspect and I’m good to go.

5.      Alice Cullen’s leg movement whenever she threw the ball in the scene where they played baseball – I don’t mind watching a full 120minute clip of leg going up and down whenever she’s about to throw the ball (No homo!)

Permit me to compare Twilight to Harry Porter here. The wizards in Harry Porter played their kind of witch football game and we also saw the vampires playing their own baseball game. That was just a thought that crossed my mind by the way.

6.      How could I forget their honeymoon – the trip through Rio to Isle Esme. The house on the beach (beautiful house), or the newlywed games and flirtations they shared.  Isabella Marie Swan, you looked beautiful on your wedding day.

7.      Let’s not forget Renesmee’s beautiful face the first time we caught a glimpse of her face as Jake was about to imprint on her.

Those are some of my favourite memories from the film, but if you leave me to it, I would go on and on about the love Edward Cullen had for Bella Swan, but never mind.

I mean no offence but Edward and Bella’s love can be compared to God’s love for us. I know what they had is not even close to a mustard seed- size of the love God has for us, but somewhere in their love, I got an example.
God loves us always and would never leave us until we push Him way. We saw that with Mr and Mrs Cullen and I’m sure if Bella had ordered Edward away, he would have gone. Also, God gives us a choice and a will. He trusts us to make our decisions and He loves us even when we don’t choose right. He knows we are His and no matter how far we stray away, we will still come back to Him and when we do, He is more than willing to take us back. Though Edward was dating Bella, he still let her hang out with Jake even though it killed him. He trusted her and allowed her the freewill to decide. Just like Bella had to die to find everlasting love with Edward, we also must die to the world (sin) in order to find His eternal love and salvation.

Let me put to rest my long and weird TBT essay. I wanted to shorten it to a short post but I knew I wouldn’t express myself well and meaning will be lost.

If you made the read thus far, I say a big thank you for taking the time to read this.

I love you all and remember – Love is the greatest and it conquers all!

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