Wednesday, 20 March 2013

James Franco Doesn't Mind Criticism

James Franco might be a man of many hats, but he's not doing it for your approval.

The actor, professor (among other things) snagged the cover of Bullett magazine's spring issue, and openly discussed the amount of criticism he receives for the multiple projects he chooses to take on.

"Criticism can sting but not for long. At this point I've heard it all, good and bad. I can take anything," Franco told the mag.

"If anyone wants to say that my doing these things makes me a jerk, that's not about me—that's about people reacting to me. I don't need to be liked for anything I do. I put out a lot of different kinds of material, and maybe people read that as egotistical. Or maybe, since a lot of it does involve some aspect of me, they find it self-aggrandizing. But there's a long tradition of artists using themselves."

He added, "Look, I know I'm not perfect. And, who knows, maybe a part of it has to do with self-obsession. But it's also about using this weird thing that is a public persona as raw material for creative projects."

But if anyone needed reassurance that Franco is not just some famous guy that's completely full of himself, his Oz the Great and Powerful costar Mila Kunis sets the record straight.

"I think people would be surprised by what a calm and decent person he is," she told the mag. "I don't want to get too personal but he's very humble. People know that he's well-educated and that he's well-read, but they might not know that he's also a really good guy."

Long story short—he can handle it.

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